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Strategic Development Solutions

“Creating Shared Value.”

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Strategic Development Solutions is an advisory and technical support provider for the private sector. We create opportunities for socioeconomic development, shared benefits and value with key stakeholders such as government, employees, communities, development partners and other stakeholders. We view our role not as consultants, but as specialist socioeconomic development partners. Therefore, we recognize the critical role that the private sector can play in sustainable development and the need for development expertise to unleash this potential. We work in the extractive, renewable energy and manufacturing sectors where business operations interact with communities and government in complex stakeholder environments.
We aim to bring development expertise to business and government by providing long term development solutions throughout the life cycle of a business operation. We provide companies with a business case and action plan for socioeconomic development of its key stakeholders particularly surrounding communities. This is done in partnership with governments and other development partners to ensure that the development agenda is a shared one. The rapidly changing societies require businesses to interact with them differently from the traditionally practiced norms that were somewhat paternalistic. Governments, communities and employees wield more complex power for a company’s Social License to Operate (SLO). The complexity of these relationships are sometimes best managed through an independent intermediary. Strategic Development Solutions can play this important role and facilitate mutually beneficial solutions for all stakeholders, through a consultative and inclusive process of engagement. We strive to stay ahead of current best practices and innovations which we utilize in the advisory and technical support services we provide to our clients. We assist our clients to move beyond compliance to achieve a stable operating environment and to retain their Social License to Operate

Leading the way to sustainable development

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Our Services

“We provide professional sustainable development solutions to our clients who include private companies, governments, non-profits, communities and other development stakeholders."

Business Advisory

Business advisory for strategy and capacity building


Socioeconomic surveys

Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder mapping, engagement and management

Socioeconomic Development

Socioeconomic development project design, execution, monitoring and evaluation

Partnership Creations

Paternership creation and fund management, including governance through community trust funds 

Our Expertise

Our team of experienced consultants offer a varied range of expertise in sustainable development to meet the client’s needs.

  • Sustainable Development
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Social and Economic Development
    •  Private Sector Engagement
      • Community Development and Relations
        • NGO’s
        • Donor Relations and Fund Raising
        • Social Impact Assessment
        • Reproductive and Community Health

          • Climate Change
            • Capacity Building and Training
            • Strategic Community Investment 

            • Renewable Energy 
            • Program Monitoring and Evaluation 
            • Project and Team Management
            • Knowledge Management
              • Risk Management 
              • Facilitation

              Creating shared value

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              “We participate and present at sector forums, conferences and workshops. Below are some of the recent media coverage our team has received.”


              Mining Indaba 2015: Shared Value In Mining: A Strategic Imperative Part 1:
              Moneyweb Today   12 Feb 2015  06:00
              Mining Indaba 2015: Shared Value In Mining: A Strategic Imperative Part 1:
              Mineweb   11 Feb 2015  17:00
              Mining Indaba 2015: Shared Value In Mining: A Strategic Imperative Part 1:
              Moneyweb   11 Feb 2015  16:00 

              Classic FM Coverage of the Sustainability Summit 2015: Panel Discussion on Zama Zamas: Noleen Dube; Leigh McMaster and Lloyd Birrell.


              Johannesburg, South Africa

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